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Welcome Friends and Family to Our Sacred Gathering!

We have compiled a list to assist in your planning


Although the concert is free, we do request that you pre-register and reserve your free Tent site. We also have other on-site camping options for a minimal fee as well as lodging options in Rapid City. For best availability, we suggest that you reserve the "fee" camping and lodging options in advance.




We are coming with our humility and open hearts to join with the Great Sioux Nation in this UNITY PRAYER.  This is a ceremonial gathering and please be mindful that clothing in ceremony tends to be modest.  Women will want to cover shoulders and midriffs and wear long pants or skirts/long dress.  Men, please wear long pants and shirts with sleeves.  The UNITY CONCERT is taking place in the heart of one of the most sacred sites in the world.  It is an opportunity to listen and show a deep respect for the traditional customs and teachings of the Pte Oyate, the Buffalo People: the original guardians of the Black Hills. 


The Sacred Fire will be burning for the entire event.  Offerings to the sacred fire: cedar, sweet grass, sage, tobacco are most welcomed!




It could get cold at night, so please come prepared and bring warm clothes, blankets and a down jacket just in case!  




With our intentions to honor these Sacred Lands and Mother Earth with a benign towards positive impact footprint, we would like to share our thoughts on how you may help us reach this goal.



  • Cash

  • We encourage you to bring your own food,  a limited number of Food Vendors will be on site.

  • Special Food Needs/Items – Snacks

  • Reusable utensils,(ie: bamboo)  food containers, and refillable bottles rather than paper / plastic           

  • Sun protection for Skin - Eye Protection/Sunglasses

  • Lip Balm - Moisturizers/Oils for Skin Care -  Anti Bacterial Wipes

  • Electrolytes

  • Ice packs to cool hot spots/back of neck

  • All personal medications, wheelchairs, medical items, personal hygiene items, First Aid Kit, toilet paper

  • Shade items (Umbrellas, large brimmed hats, bandanas, etc.)

  • Natural bug repellent (Avoid chemicals. Try essential oils like lemongrass, rosemary, and citronella)

  • Scarves for dust/smoke protection

  • Layered Clothing – Rain Gear - Blanket / Jacket for evenings or cold

  • Comfortable walking shoes for uneven terrain

  • Solar chargers, rechargeable batteries

  • Nightlight/Flashlight

  • Garbage Bags - Folding Chair - Rope, Bungee cords


Coordinating disposal of trash and recycling is difficult in this area so we humbly request that attendees and volunteers:


  • We will have composting containers, drinking water dispensers available and are planning to have a solar recharging station setup for phones.




  • Open Fires

  • Illegal drugs / drug paraphernalia

  • Weapons

  • Alcohol

  • Fireworks of any kind or size

  • Unlicensed vending

  • Pets




We will have a number of festival ambassadors ready to greet you and answer your questions upon arrival at the Unity Concert Registration and Information Locations. We will also have roaming Event Information Ambassadors who will be prepared to assist you with answers to your questions. Look for these volunteers wearing green armbands.




When the event ends, please clean your campsite by putting everything in trash bags, tying the bags up, taking your trash and recyclables out with you. Please leave your campsite as clean or cleaner than you found it. Mother Earth thanks you.



Let’s leave ELK CREEK LODGE & RESORT as clean as we found it!


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