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Waziahanhan Siyotanka Okolakiciye


We are very excited to welcome the Waziahanhan Siyotanka Okolakiciye (Pine Ridge Flute Society)
to this year's Black Hills Unity Concert. This musical group is composed of Lakota youth from the
Pine Ridge Indian reservation in south-western South Dakota. Under the instruction of Will Peters,
the Waziahanhan Siyotanka Okolakiciye earned their first Native American Music Award as a group
claiming the distinction of 2018's “Best Flutists” of the year category.

“You know it just started out as a thought or idea, get kids involved, then the idea of a Society to help
students here at this school or even help students at other schools,” said Jaydin Peters who
[graduated May 2018] from Pine Ridge and along with Fallen Sorbel who graduated in [May 2017]
and Joel Thunder Hawk who is [currently a Junior] all had some flute experience and helped
students who were just starting out, “for me, playing the flute is an easy way to express myself, gives
you a voice.” Jayden Peters, flutist (quote from Lakota Country Times article, dates updated

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