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Terrance . Jade is an award-winning Oglala Lakota Hip Hop Artist from the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. He has been to shows across the US but has started his career in music on the reservation, more specifically in Wounded Knee, SD.


His music is Lakota inspired & goes into depth about what some would call “Rez Life”. Incorporating Lakota language in his work has been a factor that has inspired youth to get into touch with their culture language.
When Terrance isn’t working on his own music, he works with youth to help them find their voices  inspire them to pursue positive goals. He also works with other well known artists, bands, programs motivational speakers from all over the country. The next goal for the Lakota HipHop Artist is to reach out to schools that are on the reservation. Spreading the word about the importance of learning our indigenous roots, culture, language.

Breaking barriers for not only music artist but for the Lakota people. Giving them hope a voice that shouts “we are here; we are proud”.

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