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Kendall (Kenny) Lee Lewis Born Oct 21st 1954 Pasadena, Ca. Growing up in a house in Sacramento, Ca. full of swing music and musical instruments, Kenny started playing ukulele at 8 years old, clarinet at 9, and acoustic guitar at 11.


The English Invasion happened in 1965 and he switched to electric guitar. He borrowed a guitar and amp in 1966 and began teaching himself psychedelic blues songs he heard on pirate radio KSAN coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area.


By the time he was 15 he was playing for paid performances with his high school band both on guitar and bass. In college at 17 he studied jazz, learned to read music, play the flute and trombone for two semesters. Moving back to Los Angeles in 1973 to become a session musician, he took off on the road at 18 playing guitar and singing with a “California Lounge Band”.


Performing at steakhouses all across the United States he eventually ended up playing bass in 1976 with his future wife, Diane Steinberg-Lewis, who introduced him to professional songwriting and the LA studio scene. After three record deals with bands, he eventually provided three co-written songs for The Steve Miller Band Abracadabra album and toured with Miller from 1982-1987. He then rejoined the band in 1993 and has been with the SMB for over 36 years. He now resides in San Luis Obispo, Ca. with Diane and their two daughters who are now both artists.

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