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SCATTER THEIR OWN, Scotti Clifford and Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford, are an Alternative Rock Duo of Oglala Lakota ancestry from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of South Dakota. Scotti Clifford has performed across the U.S. and Canada as a Vocalist, Back-up Vocalist, Bass-Player, Drummer, and Guitarist. But now the Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist fronts the duo, Scatter Their Own, along with Bassist/Rhythm Guitarist/Backup Vocalist Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford. Scatter Their Own, lyrically, pays tribute to the concepts and philosophy of their Lakota culture while fusing Alternative Blues into what they would like to call Alter-Native Rock and Roll. They believe that their music celebrates Grandmother Earth.


Scotti Clifford is an endorsed Grosh Guitars Artist, He has performed across the United States and Canada with the likes of Carlos Santana, Chuck Berry, Taj Mahal, Buddy Red Bow, Keith Secola, Murray Porter, Stones of Red, Indigenous, and many other great musicians. 


Scatter Their Own is the first band situation that Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford has been in. But aside from her duties on the bass guitar and acoustic guitar, Juliana also has many other talents. She is a Film Maker, Photographer, Actress, and Model. All of which she has used to help mold Scatter Their Own over the last 2 years of the duo's existence.


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