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A newcomer to the music world, Davidica has taken Indian Country by storm. She is made it to #2 on the National Aborginal Music Countdown Top 40. She already has airplay at various Native stations in the United States and in Canada. Davidica has been a featured artist on Native America Calling for her debut performance with the Women of The Four Winds Tour. With her poignant voice and truly personal lyrics she connects with audiences in a very moving way. Davidica’s original music does exactly that, using rock rhythms to bring out stories with lyrics that only music can convey. A multi-talented dynamo, she is already a well known photographer, whose photographs are on display in the Smithsonian at NMAI DC. 
Davidica is currently the opening act for the All My Relations Tour featuring award winning performers Tracy Bone, JC Campbell, and JB The First Lady. The Tour promotes diversity by showcasing artists of different genres. Davidica was featured in the nationally aired documentary "For The Generations". 
Davidica is also the co-creator of the Independence Through Music project on the Pine Ridge Reservation which teaches talented young musicians on her reservation the skills necessary to become working musicians. 
Davidica has performed at great events such as the Roasting of Ears Festival, Artifest, All My Relations Stage, Music 4 Life Concerts and at the KTAO Solar Center.


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